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What is GetOut?

GetOut means...

2 parks

3 trainings systems

10 trainings a week, all year
75 min per workout

Training from one to max. 12 participants
Train indefinitely with each membership



More pictures: GetOut on instagram.

Sounds awesome!! How does it work?

Our philosophy: The GetOut SetUp

A fun and effective training is the basis to get fit and stay fit for a long time.

No matter if you love to dance, swim, climb or just enjoy to run through the park -
every kind of activity has to have a solid base on that one can build.
That base is what we call SetUp.

The SetUp is a balanced and highly varied system that expands the limits of your body's capabilities.

It is based on up-to-date sports science and consists of our Ground- Loop and Cross- format. All three are tuned with each other in mind and are building the fundament for your fitness.

To build the fundamentals of your fitness, the GROUND sessions are focusing on Strength, Speed and Endurance in a weekly cycle. We are also working on Core Strength/Control as well as Balance and Stability.


Our LOOP sessions are a modified kind of the classic circuit style training. We are developing strength and endurance and turning the intensity up a notch compared to the Ground training. We are incorporating a range of equipment such as kettlebells, slam balls and battle ropes.


Connecting running with workouts, the CROSS format gets you to different parts of the park. Always changing locations for always changing workouts - that keeps thing fresh, you on your feet, and brings lots of different possibilities with it, combining the best of both worlds.


Sounds great!! Where and when can I join?

Our trainings are happening in multiple parks within Berlin. See below which one is closest to you.

Just click on a location to find the meeting point and more information.

I found my park! How can I join GetOut Outdoor Trainings in Berlin?

You can start off with signing up for a free trial to see if GetOut Outdoor Trainings are your thing.

If you enjoyed your free trial you can choose between the following options:

With each membership you can participate in as many GetOut trainings as you like.
With the 10 Sessions Card you can participate in 10 GetOut trainings of your choice.



Cool! Just one more thing: who’s behind GetOut?


Everyone on the GetOut team has a different athletic background, but we all share a passion for exercise and people. We live and love a healthy and fit lifestyle and have invested many years in our training (and are still doing so) in order to support you in reaching your goals.



I’m Ronny and since 2008 I’ve been helping people of all ages and fitness levels become healthier and fitter by enjoying sport through personal trainings or group sessions. I myself have been passionate about sport since I was a child, so after finishing my studies in fitness economy I founded GetOut Outdoor Trainings Berlin. I conduct a lot of the trainings myself and constantly develop new workouts taking into account the feedback I get from participants.



I'm Leon and I've been a personal trainer and CrossFit coach in Berlin for 2.5 years. Qualitative movement and the fun that comes with working out are my main priorities. I love passing on my enthusiasm for sport and health to other people - it's what motivates me each day. Working out outside no matter the weather isn't just a great change to our usually so indoorsy daily routines, but it also makes a lot of sense in terms of health.



I am Chris. After three years at the German Sport University in Cologne, a new chapter begins for me in Berlin. My mission to understand the human miracle of the body in its deepest aspects, has now led me to osteopathic studies in Berlin. Movement in all its diversity is my great passion. I would like to share this and help you develop a strong body and mind.

Hallo ich bin Nico und habe meine Leidenschaft zum Sport, vor mehr als 4 Jahren, zu meinem Beruf gemacht. Als begeisterter Kampf- und Kraftsportler liebe ich es hart und diszipliniert zu trainieren und genau das gebe ich nicht nur in meinem Berufsalltag im Studio sondern auch in Einzel- und Gruppentrainings gern an meine Klienten weiter. Sport ist schon seit meiner Kindheit ein wichtiger Bestandteil in meinem Leben und in einem gesunden Lebensstil darf ausreichende Bewegung einfach nicht fehlen. "Ein gesunder Geist , in einem gesunden Körper" , in diesem Sinne...wir sehen uns im Park Freunde :)



I am Dennis. As a sports student at the Humboldt University, I am confronted daily with various sports and try many of them. Therefore, these new perspectives and possibilities also flow into the training. As a coach, clean movements, well-founded training science and, last but not least, a broad grin on sport are extremely important to me.



Hi, my name is Pina and I'm studying Sport Science at Humboldt University. Sport enthusiasts from childhood on, my way over performance swimming, judo and the many years of work as a trainer for children to adults finally led me into the team of GetOut. In the workout, I also incorporate experiences from my work as a personal trainer.


Varied outdoor workouts, an incredibly nice group, and excellent trainers who constantly challenge you while always putting the enthusiasm for sports first—That’s GetOut and that’s the reason I keep reaching fitness goals that used to seem far out of reach. Ronny, Natalie, Sean, and Moritz cater to the individual fitness level of each and every participant, so that everyone gets the most out of the training. There’s nothing more energizing than working out outdoors with fun and motivating people, trying ever new exercises and always achieving just a little more than you thought possible! I think the fact that after three years (and a looot of sore muscles!) I’m as enthusiastic about GetOut as ever says it all ☺


GetOut has been a constant part of my everyday life for three years now. Before that I used to go to the gym and to bootcamps in Berlin. Now I go to GetOut trainings as often as I can.

Why? That’s where my team is, working out with me!


I’ve been going to GetOut trainings for several years now because they’re so varied. The trainers love what they do and believe in the workouts. They also tell you how to improve your form in case you’re not doing an exercise correctly. It just seems impossible to do such a workout alone several times a week, so fighting one’s weaker self together is probably the best thing about GetOut!

Ever since I joined GetOut, my fitness level has increased significantly. I accomplish things that I never thought were possible!


GetOut is everything I’m looking for in a workout after a long day in the office: testing your limit under supervision, training in a team, getting some fresh air, and getting to know lots of different exercises—it never gets boring!


Sounds great, but I do have a couple more questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need in order to participate in the trainings and is there anything I need to keep in mind?

The most important things are clothing which is suitable for the weather conditions (and that can get dirty) and comfortable running shoes. Since we’re out in nature, your hands can get dirty as well, so some participants like to wear gloves.
Make sure to drink enough before coming to the training and bring a drink for afterwards. You’ll sweat a lot, I promise ☺

Can I participate if I’m not that fit (yet)?

There are different versions of every exercise we do: for pros, advanced participants and beginners. You choose the level that is right for you. Fun is more important than doing the hardest exercises! Everything else is only a matter of time and the next training. If you haven’t worked out at all before or you’re just starting back out after a long break, the training will be hard. Since that can dampen the initial motivation, you might want to consider starting out with something a little gentler.

Can I participate if I’m constrained by, for instance, previous injuries?

In order to individually adjust exercises if necessary, your trainer will ask you if you have any injuries or if there is anything else that might restrict your movement in any way before your first training. If you’re not sure if GetOut is for you at all since you have some sort of physical constraint, just send us an e-mail.

What happens at a GetOut Training?

Everyone meets at the set meeting place for each park. Your belongings like backpacks, coats etc. are stored in someone’s car or in a kiosk, depending on the park we’re in. Every training starts with a warm-up which always takes place in the same spot, so if you’re ever a little late you can still find us. The actual training begins after the warm-up. During a Cross Training, we cover a total distance of about 3-4 km and stop 3 or 4 times for mini workouts. These workouts could look something like this:

  • 3 times rounds of
  • 30 squats
  • 20 push-ups
  • 10 burpees
  • 100 m running

During a Ground Training, we stay in one spot and complete several workouts with the alternating foci of strength, endurance, or speed. A Ground Speed workout, for example, could look something like this:

  • 4 cones: sprint from cone 1 to cone 2 and sprint back backwards,
  • then the same from cone 1 to cones 3 and 4,
  • take a short break, start round 2/3.

However, the workouts change every time, so there are always new exercises, and you never know what the training is going to look like on a given day.

After the last workout, we cool down by stretching and mobilizing our joints before everyone gets a hive-five.


Do the trainings take place in bad weather or when it’s dark outside?

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” True to this motto, the trainings take place under all reasonable weather conditions. In case the training would pose a risk to your health, for instance, if there is a severe weather warning, it has to be canceled which is announced via e-mail. There are usually enough street lights in the park, however, the trainer always brings head lamps for the team to use.

How many participants have to sign up for a given training to take place?

One participant is enough. In this case the participant gets to enjoy a personal training! So far there is no upper limit either. We’ve never sent anyone home.

Is there a place to store my backpack, coat etc.?

There is a place where we store our belongings for the duration of the training in every park. Sometimes it’s the trunk of a car, sometimes a store whose owner has agreed to keep an eye on our things.

I’m 5 minutes late. Can I still participate?

The warm-up always takes place in the same spot, so if you’re ever a little late you can find your team there. After that you need a good nose since the routes we take are different every time.

Great, I’m coming!

Talk to us

  0176 55366051


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