You want your next corporate event to be more active?

You’re planning a conference or a summit in Berlin or want to experience a different kind of teambuilding?
Your employees have a long day ahead of them and you want to prepare them in a fun and energizing way?

How about movement and exercise?!

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Ronny regularly brings our Berlin team to its limits since 2017. The workout is the perfect mix of getting your head free, feeling your body and having fun together. Just right for us!

Eva Reitenbacher
Managing Director Oddity Berlin

Elena and Ronny organized a great yoga workshop for our entire team. A successful conclusion for a weekend away from work. We recommend!

Raphael Metzger

Ronny and Dennis have brought our participants of a 24 hour hackathon up to speed. With a work-out in the morning and in the open air, which they created to suit the event, they all woke up properly, thus loosening up the body and clearing the head.

Vivien Gutzeit
Head of Visitor Services & Expert Programs


GetOut Training offers up-to-date movement and workout options for your event or teambuilding exercise.
Our portfolio includes the following activities:


functional workout

a demanding full-body workout that gets everyone in shape in a fun and varied way



soft movements are synchronized with energizing breathing



effective movement training that focuses on the core



experience, for instance, the Brandenburg Gate and its surroundings in a relaxed running atmosphere

Workshops & lectures

A healthy lifestyle begins in the mind. The most accurate knowledge that we would like to convey to you in a compact format (1.5 to 3h) on the following topics:


Sport and exercise are essential for a healthy body. We teach your team what points to consider and how to make their training effective and healthy.


A healthy and balanced diet forms the basis for a vital life. We explain their basis and give your employees tips with which they can optimize their diet in their professional and private lives.


Stress, an unfavorable environment and lack of recovery leach many people out. We discuss the causes with her team and ways in which they can improve their quality of life.


All activities can be combined or booked separately. Do you have other ideas for athletic teambuilding exercises in Berlin? We’re happy to discuss all options with you and support their execution.


Our team, your success!

We entrust our professional team of trainers, who love what they do, with leading the activities. Each one of them is an expert in his or her field and, in addition to numerous qualifications, has several years of experience.

You decide on the setting. We take care of the execution.

Whether you’re sending 10 or 100 participants, whether you’re looking for an early-morning workout or an after-work session—you decide on the setting while we handle the planning as well as the execution from the first step to the last “high five”.

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